Monday, September 28, 2009

my world this weekend

(This column appears in today's edition of the Leyte-Samar daily Express)

Hi there! It’s another week. And we have another reason to be thankful to the Almighty, once again we were spared from a typhoon which reminded a good number of pinoys of milenyo. As I wrote this, ANC was airing various calls for help from stranded residents.

So, PGMA decided to let go of her trip and opted for the one which brought her to Saudi Arabia; and brought home a good number of stranded Filipinas. Talk about travel with a substance. That trip certainly made the President look good, I’d like to think so anyway. More importantly, it highlighted the plight of a good number of our unlucky kababayans. It’s time for many among us to stop thinking that working abroad means picking money on the street thus we ask for practically anything under the sun. On the other hand, I think it was a reminder for the President and all concerned officials to work harder (so sorry for the term), the economy is doing good, but sadly hindi pa gaanong ramdam ng masa, so many are still leaving.

* * *

Talking about being in New York (or being far from it). It is a hassle to be in the big apple this time of the year - the U.N. Assembly Opening season; or so my cousin said. What with security all over the place, barricaded streets, walking for so many blocks, and the like. And yes, I guess it was a good thing for the President to let go of New York this time. Well, ‘twas Obama who was the news (as expected) and well, some few surprises, like the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appearing super cool; and surprise, surprise! Libya’s Muammar Qadhafi and his 1 hour and 36 minutes address. Let’s focus on the Libyan President. After seeing some footages of his U.N. performance, I was tempted to say “where were you when we needed you most”. Nope, I was not referring to the President, where was Kanye West when Qadhafi was speaking?

And what’s this? A news item at yahoo site reported that the IRS is attempting to stop tax deduction for those who donate their homes to the Fire Department. Whew, these American certainly know how to do it, I mean rake cash in. They get free demolition and get as much as 287 grand in cash. Whew! Well, that’s something we will never see in the Philippines.

And here’s what I got from Jay Leno’s show. His take on the latest ACORN controversy in the U.S.: when you deal with prostitutes and politicians, somebody will get screwed!

And on the local front: Madam! I hope I did not hear it right, but I think you said that the martial law years were the golden years? Of what?

* **

The CKC - Jose Gomez Orchestra is off to Manila on October 25 – 29, 2009 for a series of concerts. They will be performing at the following venues:
  • October 26, 2009: Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church Panaderos Street Sta. Ana, Manila.
  • October 27, 2009:Sanctuario De San Padro Bautista Church (San Pedro Bautista St., San Francisco Del Monte,Quezon City.
  • October 28, 2009:Saint Anthony Shrine Manrique St., Sampaloc, Manila
All engagements will start at 6:00 pm. Tickets will be available at the door. Proceeds of the concerts will be for the scholarship fund of the orchestra members and for the procurement of additional instruments.

* * *

And yes, I wrote this column on a Saturday and it’s that weekend I’m referring to in today’s title. I wrote this while heavy wind (thanks to Ondoy) was blowing, with the occasional rains drenching the street, new reports about world leaders and ANC reporting the heavy floods in Manila. Most importantly, I was updated on the project currently going on at the Cathedral. They did not actually stop it, but I understand the Bishop will be meeting (this afternoon) with some concerned parishioners and local historians regarding the undertaking. I’ll keep you posted. And that explains for the absence of my acerbic comments on anything I could lay my focus and ears (not necessarily my eyes) on. (Smile! It’s a new week!)

* * *

Belated birthday greetings to tita Emmy (Abasolo). She turned a year older last Saturday.

* * *

This is it for now. Have a nice week everyone! Ciao!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Heritage does matter

(This column appears in today's edition of the Leyte-Samar Daily Express)

Hi there! It’s another weekend. Let me do something different today. I was supposed to cap today’s column with this paragraph, but I decided otherwise. I had to put it on the first paragraph. Yup that’s how important the issue is for me. This was supposed to be a continuation or something related to the last paragraph of my column a week ago today. It explains today’s title which I borrowed from the Balangkas Resource Book:

(Once again,) in celebration of its Centenary, they are doing something about the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Enough with plenary indulgence billboard. Let’s pan our focus on what’s being done at the church (the building) itself.

They have started doing what they have announced as a landscaping project. Yup, As far as I can remember that’s what the announcement said: it’s a landscaping project. They are beautifying the cathedral in time for the centennial celebration next year. And the project amount is in the 7-figure level. Well, money should never be a problem, the people of Calbayog are rich, they never complained, or so I thought, or so I would like to believe. But I hope they (the Calbayongon) will take notice or at least give a second look if it’s the cathedral, the symbol of the religious and cultural history of Calbayog that’s being re-done (I know, the term is too mild, I can’t use the word I have in mind, otherwise I’ll be off this publication).

And what is happening? They are stripping off the plaster on the outer wall of the cathedral. As of this writing, they have stripped the plaster on the outer buttresses and so far exposed the red bricks and lime stones. Fine that will make it more authentic (read: old, antique) and hopefully inspire more people to visit the church which is a pilgrimage site and gain indulgence and become holier; and when you become holier, you become more generous.

My comments will end there. That’s because I still need to get hold other details about the project. In the meantime, I would like to give my friends in the diocese these friendly, albeit unsolicited reminders which I got from Balangkas, the NCCA Resource Book on the Care of Built Heritage in the Philippines:
  1. (On the conservation of structures) page 17, entry number 12 on what is “antiquing” and why is it wrong: removing the plaster to expose the stone – actually hastens the deterioration of the stone.
  2. (On specific concerns for Catholic churches) page 20: The Church of Las Piñas was stripped of its plaster. The stone wall is now eroding.

* * *

Some local news: Last Tuesday, Mayor Sarmiento attended the Family Day cum 4-Ps Orientation Program spearheaded by the City Social Welfare and Development Office.
Mayor Sarmiento took time to be with some beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilya Pilipino Program (4-Ps) of the Office of the President. Said program was launched on the local level through the City Social Welfare and Development Office.

The assembly which was held at the Joggers' court in Brgy. East Awang was the first of a series of assemblies that the CSWDO will be spearheading in various barangays of Calbayog up to September 28, 2009. It is part of their effort to orient 10,821 indigent-beneficiaries from the districts of Calbayog who have been identified by the DSWD Regional Office.

Among the benefits that the beneficiaries will get is monthly financial assistance for their medical, school and other needs as the case maybe. The assistance could be availed from at least one year to a maximum of five years.

* * *

Let me give you part of Eleen Lim’s report on the Kalayaan Barangay Program projects in Calbayog:

Calbayog City_/As the rest of the country marked the 37th anniversary of Martial Law, 5 barangays in the northern part of the city received the fruits of their “liberation” from being affected by the insurgents: the Kalayaan Barangays Program or KBP Projects of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

In a simple ceremony at Brgy. Peña in Tinambacan district, Col. Arnaldo Fernandez, Jr., commander of the 53rd Engineering Brigade, together with Col. Arnolfo Atendido, commander of the 803rd Infantry Brigade, turned over to city mayor Mel Senen Sarmiento and the 5 punong barangays the fully-accomplished KBP project packages consisting of a 2-room school building, a health center and street lights. The projects which cost around Php1.5 million per package were warmly received by the Barangay officials, health workers and teachers of Barangays Peña, Cagmanipis Norte, Malaga, Tinaplacan and Bugtong.

According to Lt. Col. Rizalito Tibon, the commanding officer of 543rd Engineering Construction Battalion which erected the said projects, the Kalayaan Barangays Program of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was intended for conflict-affected communities all over the country. It is specifically given to such barangays who lack the basic infrastructure projects such as school buildings, water system, and the like.

* * *

And yes, just in case you might be interested, according to our bubwit (did I say our?) isang pari sa diocese ang nag-canvass na (yup, as in like canvass for prices and the like), nope, not for any church paraphernalia or machine or implement to be used by his parish, but (drum roll please!) for an SUV! La di da! Yun lang! Oops, to give him the benefit of the doubt, baka naman talagang need nga ng parish niya ang SUV. Oh! I’m not green with envy, I’m drooling, sana nagpari na lang ako, oops, me and my mouth!

* * *

This is it for now. Have a nice weekend everyone. Ciao!

Monday, September 21, 2009

That would be all

(This column appears in today's edition of the Leyte-Samar Daily Express)

Hi there! It’s another long weekend. First things first: Today we join our Muslim brothers and sisters in the observance of Eidl’l Fitr.

* * *

So, this is the last day of yet another long weekend for all of us. This time it’s in observance of the end of Ramadan, the actual name of it is something which many of us had a hard time pronouncing, much less memorizing. Anyway, many years ago, it was a different scenario. Yup it’s about the proclamation of martial law; and I’m sad ‘coz I’m once again reminded that I’m old coz I have some recollection of how it was on those days, at least on the lighter said – if I may be permitted to put it that way. I remember my college days when then President Marcos would declare this day (via Presidential Decree, of course) as Thanksgiving Day and at some point as National Day of Prayer or something to that effect (to raised eyebrows, I suppose). During one of those declarations a radio announcer, ever like every the Filipino who can make something light out of any situation there is, was quick to say sa lahat ng presidential decree ni Macoy (Marcos), eto ang walang kokontra (referring to the decree declaring a holiday). And the announcer went on to ask what was there to thank for on the supposedly Thanksgiving Day. It was 1984 and we all know how it was by then.

* * *

Sports Forum at DepEd DepEd Calbayog in coordination with the City Government held a Sports Forum last Friday at the DepEd Conference Hall.

This event was attended by youth leaders from the various barangays of Calbayog. Messages were delivered by Councilor Rey James Uy, SDS Edita Paculan and ASDS Angelo Gelera. Mr. Ubadlo Diomangay, Division PESS Supervisor gave the PESS Supervisor's Report.

After the program preliminaries, there an open forum and action planning was held. The program was hosted by Mr. Ramon Miano.

* * *

What is your think?; Tawaga ak nga doktor!; It’s nice to see you all here in this meeting… we coordinate with the senate… – said this way: It’s nice tu si you ul hir in dis mitingwi kuurdinit wid da sinit … These are but some of the memorable lines which serve as my homage to some of the doctors in Calbayog. Nope not the medical doctors, but the doctors who treat or develop minds of students in school. Yes, those kinds of doctors.

So what about them? Wala lang. It’s my introduction to yet another homage, this time to beauty contest candidates, at least the ones who have joined the local beauty pageant which I have been hosting for the past so many years. And that leads me to today’s title. By the way just in case you’d be interested. I always say this line each time the interview portion comes during the pageant: We people are fond of holding beauty pageants. Mag para pa-beauty contest, tapos hulton an interview portion, hultun magsala an kandidata, tamayun, tapus pagparaplakahun. I always manage to make the audience laugh with those lines. An admission perhaps?

Anyway, there is one thing I noticed with the contestants. Whether they were able to answer the question or not; if ever they did answer, whether with was with any sense or not, they no longer ended it not with a courteous thank you, but just that – that would be all (how do I qualify that line? Imperious?). I don’t know but I feel uneasy about that line. I found so impolite. Was if for more courage? Well it’s never easy facing a crowd, a hostile one if I may add. Or maybe to get back at the audience for maybe being just that hostile? Or maybe that the new breed that of personality that beauty contestants holders would like to come up with. Yup, on top of having many contestants walking and acting like badings onstage when the big night comes. As to the latter, who do we blame that for?

That would be all. How about saying that in a job interview?

* * *

This is it for now. Have a nice week everyone! Ciao!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Party’s Over (or plenary indulgence)

(This column appears in today's edition of the Leyte-Samar Daily Express)

Hi there! It’s been ten days since the city fiesta, and what do we have? It’s back to normal, or at least the life we always had each time when the party’s over. What is it about fiestas that it’s always THE day of the year? (Oops, is it the old person in me complaining?) Well, the crowded streets, the droves of people (I wonder where they get to relieve themselves, you know things you do with the loo), the ferias, the rides, the baratillos that mess the streets. Well, I guess there’s no use complaining, this event has got historical, or at least cultural roots, deeply rooted at that. Let me give you some lines from “Prusisyon, Religious Pageantry in the Philippines” (a book by by Jaime C. Laya & Lulu Tesoro Castañeda, in collaboration with the Federation of Philippine Photographers, Inc., Cofradia de la Imaculada Concepcion, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines):

“In addition to Lent and Christmas rituals, the feast of a town’s patron saint was occasion for celebration. Farm folks from their isolated hamlets, relatives and guests from other towns and the big city, and just plain celebrants, all descended upon the town for the novena and High Mass and to feast with the townspeople who were open in their hospitality. Carnival rides and innocent games of chance (beto beto, a simple dice game) were at a feria in the plaza.”

Ah fiesta, I rest my case.

* * *

So Noynoy is running; and so is his cousin. Now I’m curious about Bayani and his pronouncements. Back to Noynoy. After he made public his intention, with Mar’s dramatic withdrawal, calls were made for other presidentiables to rally behind the son of Ninoy and Cory, all in the name of service to the country. Well, one presidentiable was quick to say that it’s a multi-party system, everyone is free to run. And I guess the rest of the flock are saying the same line. So much for love of country.

And in the U.S. of A. It’s been 8 years since the WTC attacks and Bin Laden is still at large. In the news reports that followed the tragic event, a newsphoto showed a bumper sticker on a U.S. military vehicle with these words: it’s up to God’s to deal with Bin Laden, but we will make the appointment.

The attacks changed the landscape, or so some analysts said. I suppose they were referring to how America fought its wars. It used to be that the greatest armed forces on earth would fight wars far away from its own territory. I can still clearly remember my professor saying that America (the government) can afford to be proud and arrogant. But just wait until the war is fought within its territory. And I heard that line in my soc sci class sometime in the late 1980s and I thought then that it was wishful thinking on his part. And yes, he would later tell us that he flunked in one of his subjects because he praised Kruschev instead of Kennedy during a class discussion on the Cuban missile crisis. His professor was a Kennedy fan.

* * *

As reported, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) has started the construction of the billion-peso Wright – Calbayog 138 kV Power Transmission Project.

A week ago today, NGCP President Walter Brown planed in to Calbayog to attend the briefing on the said project which is expected to be completed by March 2011.

In attendance in the said event were Congressman Reynaldo Uy, Mayor Mel Sarmiento, Vice Mayor Ronald Aquino and a good number of sectoral representatives.

* * *

In celebration of its Centenary, some churches in the Diocese of Calbayog have been designated as pilgrimage sites. Among these churches is the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. I learned about it via that billboard near the entrance announcing that the cathedral as just that – a pilgrimage site - AND that one can gain plenary indulgence (by visiting the site, I suppose).

Plenary Indulgence. That’s what I remember about one history subject, the one on reformation and counter-reformation. Oops, it’s the history buff in me again, well almost. Don’t worry I’m not here to enumerate dates, names and places, not today anyway. It’s the acerbic reklamador in me that’s restless today.

Plenary Indulgence. Do you still remember your Noli Mi Tangere? There’s that chapter on the prusisyun in celebration of the pista in the town of San Diego. Here’s where some ladies who belonged to the Venerable Orden Tercera and the Cofradia Del Santo Rosario compared notes as to the number of plenary indulgences they have received (I understand they said it with the corresponding monetary equivalent) because of what they have supposedly done in God’s favor, or something to that effect.

Well, we are no longer in the era of Padre Damaso (I believe so anyway, I dunnow about you). And yes, include John Tetzel too. Yes, we are not in their world anymore. But just curious, or should I say just in the name of fun, how about doing something like what the religious ladies of San Diego did when they compared the amount of their savings, err the plenary indulgences that they have saved:

How much plenary indulgence do we gain if we give only 1 peso in the Sunday collection?

How much plenary indulgence does one gain if one pays one thousand pesos for a funeral mass, even if he can only afford half the price or less?

How much plenary indulgence does a barangay get for 4 grand paid for a fiesta celebration?

How much plenary indulgence does one get for paying one grand for a novena being done in a regularly scheduled mass?

How much plenary indulgence does one gain for the acerbic sermons one had to endure in some masses, sermons which include such exotic words as pasasakit, napo-o, gaba and bugkut? And such sarcastic statements like kay dire man kam natutumanan san iyo karuyag; and the endless reference to the arancel like kay nanu nga mangraklamo kam san arancel nga wara man kami sana gana; ngan ayaw kam tu-od sana nga mga estranghero nga nagpaka padi-padi when referring to some religious (foreign) priests who happen to have a mission in the locality where the parish of this some kinda not-so-likable priest is?

How much plenary indulgence will the indigent gain if they pay for the services like sacraments, masses and the like because the arancel has no provision which says voluntario for the indigents?

Again, just curious, don’t take it seriously. Blame it on the religious ladies in the town of San Diego; or should I say blame it on Jose Rizal for making me think naughtily today? And yes, just wanna make you smile this long weekend.

* * *

Have a nice long weekend everyone. Ciao!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Patrun sa Calbayog

(This column appears in today's edition of the Leyte-Samar Daily Express)

Hi there! Maupay nga Patrun Calbayog! Tomorrow is the big day. The main event is the Pontifical Mass at the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral. Bishop Isabelo Abarquez will preside over the said celebration. This year’s hermanas mayores are Prima Yangzon – Fortuna, Ediltrudes Romano – Alegria and Venancia Yangzon.

* * *

For the past few days, I have featured the events slated during Hadang Festival 2009. Today I would like to include once again what I had for my column during last year’s fiesta celebration, it’s an old account, a very old account - 1912 to be exact – of the fiesta celebration in Calbayog. Well, it’s the history buff in me working again.

I got this from the September 1912 issue of the Eco de Samar y Leyte and written by someone who called himself “namatrun”. And thus explains today’s title. The copy I got was not a clear one and that’s the reason why there are blanks in today’s feature.

The account also mentioned the name of one Señora Trinidad Camilon. If one is to check the list of the hermanas pasadas in the Calbayog Fiesta souvenir programs, that name is the first entry in the said list.

* * *

Here’s that article entitled “An Patrun sa Calbayog

“Masadya, maribhung, malinao an cadagatan, mahayag an langit, mapaua an adlao sama san daguay sin usa nga Angel, amo _______ san ca-adlauan sadto san mahal nga Patrona dinhe sa Calbayog nga guinsalinorog sadton 8 sini nga bulan. Ngatanan mga binohat dao nabuñog san cahayag ni Maria Santissima dida san adlao san iya pagcatauo. Tubtob san ante vispera, nag ticang an pag-abut san magcalainlain nga domoro-ong, labi na an Cat_____on. San mga balay, mga cadalanan nacarahibut an tauo guican sa magkalain-lain nga dapit. San visperas san aga, nag suot na an tauo dinhi sa ciudad nga tungod san cadamo, macuri magpaca-agui an mga caleza. San pag a las doce catapos pagpahibaro san linganay sa Catedral san mahal nga Patron. Pagcabuas an mga musico san Parroquia ug sa Ipao nag libot san bungto. Ug san pagcaculop, nag canta san visperas an _____ nga cura san Catedral R. P. Jose Diaznes. Pag ca aga _______, san may mga a las 4 nag Diana an mga musico nga _______ san pagtauagtauag sa Catedral, sin usa cadali napuno san maniringba san siapa nga misa san Señora nga may mga lima nga mga babayi lalaqui bata tigurang nga dinara-on sa pag _____ san mahal nga lauas ni Jesucrisdto. Ug hasta san a las 7 nga eguin repique sa misa Mayor, waray pahuway an tauo nga maniringba san damo nga capadian nga nagmisa. San mga a las 8 amo an eguin ticang san misa cantada nga dinoyogan san ma ranog nga Organo, sa Catedral paroc san Señor Obispo. An misa nga guin canta an guin ngangaranan Pedro de las Heras, an masabut ug bantugan nga organista si Sr. Malaquias Nonato, Professor san musica sa Seminario eguin paquita an iya quina-adman dida san pag doyog niya san organo, cay pacasiring namon dao nahimomotang cami sin Paraiso san pagbati namon sadto nga mga awit. An nagcanta amo an mga capadian sa Seminario nga alagad san ira cabatiran ug maluay nga tingog inabutan an mga maniringba sin cahinoclob. An nag misa an Cura san Catedral linoyoloyohan san mga ministros nga si D. Ignacio Arganda, Diacono ug si D. Ramon Codilla Subd. Catapos san Evangelio nag wali si P. Conrado Maga, Coadjutor sa Catedral.”

“An Señora opod an mga magtoto-on sa Seminario ug mga Seminarista, nag tambong didto san iya trono. Sugadman an mga Colegialas opod an mga Madres naray caculang. Catapos san misa, nagsugod na liwat an aringasa ngan ribhong, cay an mga estudiantes sa Colegio sa San Vicente nga guican sa Singbahan vinistihan sin mga cadete, nag ejercicio ug nag parada sira sa cadalanan nga nacalingao san mga tauo. Pagcacolop may mga a las 3 pinangolohan san Presidente Sr. Malaquias Nonato, nag tiroc an mga sacop san Sociedad Milagrosa ug nag buhat sin rumba, carrera de bicecleta, juego se anillos y Cintas canan bag-ong tubo mga hatag hasta magcalainlain nga premio. San pagca a las 5 guin himua an macaserendac nga Procesion nga inopdan ni P. Bonifacio Villora Cura sa Oquendo, linoloyohan san mga Seminaristas inopod man an Señora nga guin lilibutan san mga capadian. An carro matahum caupay, mapaua, tacos ug angay nga nahimomotangan sen mahal nga Patrona, halad san ma-abiabihon nga Hermana Mayor si Sra. Trinidad Camilon. An ira balay pono pono sin tauo ticang pa san tinicangan san novena nga guin solemne sa ira. Diri hicalimtan an camapuanguron san mga anac, labi na si Sra. Lolay ug si Loling nga uaray hingan san cahago, paglipay san ira mga dapit.”

“Sa tuig tuig ngatanan quinita nga an pagto-o sini nga bungto ug an ira pag alagad sa Dios nag titidogang la lugod, bisan con guin tatalingoha san iba an pag parong condao calayo, cay an ira an pag contra sa Dios ug pag supil san mga mahi___lo nga pamatasan, cay basi matumanan san ira mga maraut nga guinaui-an ug hunahuna, condi sa Dios uaray magtatamay, may adlao san pag panodia, cay polong pa nga an tinonto mo, intoy, sa lauas mo o-oli.” (namatron)

* * *

This is it for now. Have a nice week everyone! Ciao!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Cover of the 2009 Calbayog Fiesta Souvenir Program

The cover of the 2009 Fiesta Souvenir Program designed by the Lodestar Press team led by Mr. Reno Araneta.

This year's hermanas mayores are Mrs. Prima Yangzon-Fortuna, Mrs. Ediltrudes Romano-Alegria and Ms. Venancia Yangzon.

Patrun na sa amon

(This column appears in today's edition of the Leyte-Samar Daily Express)

Hi there! It’s another weekend and we are 4 days away to the Calbayog City Fiesta. So, the big news is that of Mar making way for Noynoy. After the dust of the euphoria has settled, the question could be - What’s next?. Something in me is asking - Why? Reaching such a decision could be the easy part. As to sustaining the euphoria, I think that’s where the challenge is, considering the Filipinos’ very short memory span (tama ba ang term ko?) and if I may add, super short attention span. Back to Mar and Noynoy. It’s easy to say that it’s all in the name of service to the nation. I think I’d rather be mum about it. No, I think I’d like to quote a few lines from William Esposo’s column in the Philippine Star:

“Senator Mar Roxas elevated himself to an even higher pedestal when he made the supreme sacrifice of placing country over self last Tuesday. In abandoning his 2010 presidential ambition to give way to rising star Senator Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III, Mar attained more than just the presidency.”

“It is said that great is the man who can win a crown but even greater is the man who can refuse one. Mar Roxas turned his back on a crown. After spending over P200 million on infomercials alone, sans any survey yet to prove the winnability of Noynoy — Mar Roxas had all the reasons to persevere in his presidential quest. Mar opted instead to hear the footsteps of God as Otto Von Bismarck would describe the quality of a great statesman.”

* * *

Anyway, that’s the only issue, I mean Mar and Noynoy, that I’d like to tackle today. It’s almost fiesta in my hometown and I guess it’s time to take time to relax, observe and enjoy the cultural and religious traditions of Calbayog. Should I include culinary tradition? I’d like to devote today’s column to the various events slated in line with the Calbayog City fiesta and its culture and arts festival: Hadang 2009.

It’s a flurry of activities that we have witnessed in the city the past few days. The festival opened last Tuesday with a grand fireworks display and a concert by the hukbalah rap group. On Wendesday, PBA cagers JC Intal, Doug Kramer, Chris Calaguio and Bonbon Custodio were in town for the SMB Fans’ Day. They were also on hand for the basketball game between UV Lancers and TTMIST Kings officially the first basketball game to be held as the sports center.
Noel Cabangon planed in yesterday. He had a one-night engagement dubbed “Himig Nating Pag-ibig”. His concert was the highlight of day 3 of the festival.

Upcoming Hadang 2009 activities:
  • September 4, 2009: Search for Ms. Anyag 2009
  • September 5, 2009: Ladine Roxas Live in Calbayog
  • September 6, 2009: MYMP Live in Calbayog

All events will be held at the Calbayog City Sports Center.

* * *

The CKC – Jose Gomez Orchestra will have a concert tomorrow. This will be held at the Sts. Peter and Paul at 6:30 pm.

* * *

Mobile Passporting Service in Calbayog. The City of Calbayog through the Local Civil Registry Office, in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) RO 8 will once again offer a mobile passporting service.

This service will be held on September 12 - 13, 2009 (Saturday and Sunday) at the Old Barracks Building (Handumanan) Conference Hall.

In line with this, authentication of Civil Registry documents will be conducted by the National Statistics Office (NSO) Provincial Office at the Calbayog City Hall Sala on September 10, 2009 (Thursday).

Basic Requirements for Mobile Passporting are:
· Four (4) Passport size photo
· Two (2) valid IDs
· Marriage Certificate (applicable only to married women)

* * *

Have you been to the corner of J.D. Avelino and Rueda street lately? Okey, I’m referring to the cathedral. The people in charge of the place has put in place a billboard announcing that the cathedral is a site of pilgrimage and that one can earn some indulgence. Hmm, interesting, but I’ll reserve my comments – both diplomatic and acerbic – for my next column.

* * *

Have a nice long week everyone. Ciao!


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