Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Thoughts

Hi there! It’s nice to be back. So what do we have? Let’s not talk about the renewal brought about by the Lenten Season, it’s the same case with the seasonal kindness and generosity that many of us (me included) are into during Christmas. Let’s look at the oil companies are blaming Libya for the rollercoaster ride that pump prices are into the past so many days. Like it’s only Libya that supplies us with oil? And as with the previous Labor Day observances, the labor sector is once again clamoring for wage hike. And then, there’s William and Kate.

So Prince William is getting married today to “a commoner but certainly from a family with means”. Or as one reporter had it, to someone from a non-aristocratic family but certainly a family of means. In other words to a rich girl. No question about it. Suddenly it occurred to me, a few years ago some articles had it that the chattering ladies (read: aristocratic or royals) of Europe are complaining about royals marrying commoners, that the royal blue blood of Europe is being diluted. Ah, what an existence. What if on top of their issues on blue blood being diluted they also have problems that many of us are into: rising fuel prices, low wages and unemployment? I guess that explains why the interest on the wedding, like some sort of a diversion from the harsh realities of life? Or plain and simple entertainment perhaps? Oh! What am I saying? Who wouldn’t like fairy tales?

Now as to whether the marriage will last, let’s start counting after Kate has given William two sons – the heir and the spare.

* * *

And what do you think these oil companies are doing? I dunnow the answer. Anything that has to do with numbers and economics simply make me throw up. Thanks to them, suddenly there are these “populist” programs about giving smart cards or assistance to the drivers and the like. No problem about it. But what does that make of the majority of us, the fixed income earners who pay taxes and are also affected by high fuel prices? I hope you see my point. I think I do not disagree with Dr. Benjamin Diokno when he said that those in charge of the economy should look further.

* * *

Going beyond Earth Hour. It’s never too late to report any good news. During the last Earth Hour event in Calbayog, Mayor Reynaldo Uy signed Executive Order (EO) No. 13. That E.O. enjoined all Calbayognons especially the business sector to observe the “No Cellophane No Plastics Weekend in Calbayog”. So far so good. That said EO received good feedbacks. The local stores did observe it. Some local bakeries went further, they have opted to pack their bread products in paper bags even on weekdays.

For its part the Sangguniang Panlungsod passed a resolution which enjoined all Calbayognons to make Earth Hour a nightly undertaking. More details on that resolution next issue.

* * *

Local events. Patrun buwas sa Barangay San Policarpo, the biggest barangay in Calbayog City.

Last Monday, Barangay Obrero celebrated its Charter Day. Events included a Thanksgiving Mass, Mass Wedding, Medical Mission and a sports fest.

The Calbayog East Central School (CECS) will have its 2nd Grand Alumni Homecoming on May 7. The event will be held at the CECS grounds. This year’s homecoming will be hosted by Batches 1970, 1971 and 1972.

* * *

The Social Scene. Belated Greetings to Arvee Najaro and Mae Ann Salazar. They got married last April 4. Their wedding was held at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Reception was at the Ballroom of Ciriaco Hotel.

Aya Lontao Nagata turned 18 last April 16. Her mom Berlita Lontao – Nagata tendered a coming-out party for her at the ballroom of Ciriaco Hotel.

Anna Katrina Resente turned 18 last March 8, 2011. Her parents Rene and Annie tendered a coming-out party for her last April 20 at the Ciriaco Hotel.

* * *

This is it for now. Have a nice weekend everyone! Ciao!


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